About Billabong Jerky

Billabong Jerky is an Australian owned and operated jerky manufacturing company. We bring to the market the largest imaginable range of dried meats, processed in many styles and flavours.

The plant is export registered and monitored by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS), who ensure  that our product always originates from the highest possible quality meats, which are then processed in both a safe and hygienic manner.

Our finished product carries the AQIS export stamp, this stamp is the Australian Government's guarantee of quality to overseas authorities and as such AQIS fiercely protect their (& therefore our) standards.

Further, the plant is licensed to handle all species of meats including Beef, Game, Poultry & Fish. As long as it can be obtained from an export approved source, any animal, bird or fish can be transformed into jerky.

Our jerky is dehydrated to a water activity of .75, satisfying the most of import requirements.

Located in Cootamundra, part of the Riverina region of New South Wales, the plant takes full advantage of the clean and fresh, unpolluted environment, along with the pride our workers take in their local product as members of a genuine Australian rural community.

The plant was specifically designed and built for jerky processing in 1995 allowing for smooth, efficient and totally hygienic production.

Jerky is traditionally sliced into thick strips which offers a good chewy snack. However, our R&D showed it was simply too hard for many people to enjoy. We subsequently introduced our 'thin sliced' jerky, much to the delight of many individuals. This product is very thinly machine sliced, resulting in a jerky that retains its chewy texture yet is not as tough as 'traditional' jerky. It is subsequently easier to consume and allows for a broader based appeal. As part of our ongoing research and development program, we have recently introduced a 'soft' jerky. This jerky has a very soft texture and is as tender as "mother's Sunday roast". Fully preserved using our patented processing technique, it has all the stability benefits of traditional jerky. This is a major breakthrough in jerky production, especially for seniors, allowing super easy consumption for those who enjoy a good healthy meat snack but couldn't enjoy jerky due to teeth/gum problems.

 Even those fussy individuals who just don't like the idea of chewing so much, now have an ideal jerky at their fingertips. This jerky is particularly exiting for the Asian market where it has been very enthusiastically received.