Liquid Cartilage Facts

Liquid cartilage provides relief from the debilitating symptoms of arthritis

  • No side effects. Osteopro is a complete natural product, a classic case of "Food As Medicine"
    Osteopro will not interfere with other medications
  • No harmful effects on stomach, liver or kidneys. It is produced using a completely natural process without artificial additives
    Ingredients: cartilage, water, acetic acid (vinegar)
  • A rich source of chondroitin sulphate(6), glucosamine & collagen type 2
  • 40 years of use confirm that cartilage therapy works for most people
  • Economical. Taken at 10ml per day liquid cartilage is much cheaper than any powdered cartilage

N.B. As with many natural products, liquid cartilage does not provide immediate relief and may need to be taken for 2 to 3 weeks before the benefits become obvious

Liquid Cartilage Vs Powder

Until recently Cartilage was only available in powder form. Billabong Jerky and Australian Cartilage Company have developed a technique that hydrolyses cartilage using a completely natural process. We unwind the proteins in cartilage leaving it in liquid form. The advantage of cartilage in liquid form is that it is 100% digestible and useable by the body, unlike powders where up to 50%, may be indigestible and pass straight through the digestive system as waste. More information about cartilage and its healing features.

Cartilage bovine 500ml
Cartilage bovine 500ml

AU $99.00